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Protection class
Indicates the sealing the housing of the barcode scanner provides against dust and water
Indicates for which application(s) the product is suitable
Print method
Print method
Indicates the printing method used, whether it is thermal material or material printed with a printer ribbon.
Maximum print width
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Core diameter
Zebra Z-Perform 1000D Economy thermal label 76 x 51mm
Per 16 roll(s)
3,46 4,19 Incl. VAT
Zebra Z-Perform 1000D Economy thermal label 102 x 152mm
Per 16 roll(s)
5,38 6,51 Incl. VAT
Zebra Z-Perform 1000D 60 Receipt thermal paper 102mm x 30m
Per 16 roll(s)
5,42 6,56 Incl. VAT
Zebra Z-Perform 1000D Economy thermal label 102 x 51mm
Per 16 roll(s)
5,74 6,95 Incl. VAT
Zebra Z-Perform 1000D 80 Receipt thermal paper 102mm x 24m
Per 16 roll(s)
5,97 7,22 Incl. VAT
Belt clip for Zebra ZQ510-ZQ511-ZQ520-ZQ521 (5 pcs.)
8,75 10,59 Incl. VAT
Cleaning Pens for thermal printers
28,94 35,02 Incl. VAT
Power adapter for Zebra QLn220-QLn320-QLn420-ZQ500-ZQ600
46,82 56,65 Incl. VAT
Soft Case with shoulder strap for Zebra ZQ520-ZQ521
49,71 60,15 Incl. VAT
Adjustable mounting arm for Zebra ZQ510-ZQ511-ZQ520-ZQ521
53,98 65,32 Incl. VAT
Battery 3400mAh for Zebra QLn320-QLn220-ZQ500-ZQ600
69,08 83,59 Incl. VAT
Battery charger for Zebra QLn220-QLn320-ZQ500-ZQ600
91,67 110,92 Incl. VAT
Exoskeloton Case for Zebra ZQ520-ZQ521
94,89 114,82 Incl. VAT
Vehicle Cradle for Zebra ZQ510-ZQ511-ZQ520-ZQ521
96,72 117,03 Incl. VAT
Battery 4900mAh for Zebra QLn320-QLn220-ZQ500-ZQ600
97,79 118,33 Incl. VAT
Battery charger 3-slot for Zebra QLn220-QLn320-ZQ500-ZQ600
231,01 279,52 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZQ521 mobile printer
573,84 694,35 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD220 DT standard (USB)
143,30 173,39 Incl. VAT
Zebra DS4608 2D barcode scanner
165,87 200,70 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD421d 203dpi (USB)
266,29 322,21 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT510 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
1.438,74 1.740,88 Incl. VAT
Datalogic Gryphon GPS4400 2D
181,25 219,31 Incl. VAT
Zebra EC30
274,46 332,10 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD421c 203dpi (USB)
310,19 375,33 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT610 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
2.145,67 2.596,26 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD220 TT standard (USB)
146,60 177,39 Incl. VAT
Datalogic Gryphon GD4520 2D USB-kit black
230,11 278,43 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT230 DT 203dpi standard (USB-SER)
622,39 753,09 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD421t 203dpi (USB)
310,19 375,33 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT421 203dpi printer standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
1.987,76 2.405,19 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT610 Touch 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
2.113,70 2.557,58 Incl. VAT
Zebra TC21 PDA
394,72 477,61 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT620 Touch 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
3.685,27 4.459,18 Incl. VAT
Zebra DS4608 2D High Density barcode scanner
165,87 200,70 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD621d 203dpi Standard (USB-SER-ETH)
365,65 442,44 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD621t 203dpi Standard (USB-SER-ETH)
409,55 495,56 Incl. VAT
Zebra TC26 PDA
443,47 536,60 Incl. VAT
Datalogic Memor 1
475,00 574,75 Incl. VAT
Zebra DS9308 2D handsfree barcode scanner
192,36 232,76 Incl. VAT

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