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Return request

In general we do not make returns difficult. But we do impose some conditions on the goods that are returned:


  • the product will be returned within 5 business days.
  • the product is undamaged and returned in original condition.
  • the product is returned in the complete original packaging.


Additional return conditions apply to most devices. In general, if the packaging of a device has been opened, it cannot be returned or exchanged. Click here for a detailed description of our additional return conditions.


If you want to return labels, printer ribbons or other consumables, this is only possible if the packaging has not been opened and no roll has been used.


Items such as print heads, circuit boards and batteries can unfortunately not be returned, because we can no longer guarantee that they are unused and new.


When returning goods, we charge a return fee of at least 20% of the price of the returned goods. If the product has been used, the original packaging has been opened or damaged, or the returned product is incomplete, the return may be refused or additional return costs may be charged.


Only when goods are returned in 100% new condition, i.e. in their unopened and undamaged original packaging, no return costs will be charged.


When returning goods, always use a second box so that nothing is sticked to the original packaging or written on it!


The return shipment is for your own cost.


Sent your return goods to:

POSdata Nederland Retouren
Kerkstraat 41
NL-7442EB Nijverdal

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Zebra TC26 PDA
472,53 571,76 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT610 Touch 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
2.235,80 2.705,32 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT620 Touch 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
4.363,71 5.280,09 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT421 203dpi printer standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
2.159,00 2.612,39 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD411 DT/TT 203dpi (USB)
361,21 437,06 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT510 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
1.766,64 2.137,63 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD230 DT Standard (USB)
239,54 289,84 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD621d 203dpi Standard (USB-SER-ETH)
432,96 523,88 Incl. VAT
Zebra DS4608 2D High Density barcode scanner
196,40 237,64 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD220 TT standard (USB)
176,02 212,98 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD421c 203dpi (USB)
367,30 444,43 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT231 DT 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH)
666,35 806,28 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD411 DT 203dpi (USB)
275,71 333,61 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD621t 203dpi Standard (USB-SER-ETH)
484,94 586,78 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT231 TT 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH)
727,10 879,79 Incl. VAT
Datalogic Gryphon GPS4400 2D
192,05 232,38 Incl. VAT
Zebra DS4608 2D barcode scanner
196,40 237,64 Incl. VAT

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