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Returns & Warranty


When your purchase becomes defective or has problems, it is very annoying. That's why we have an easy-to-use returns (RMA) procedure that allows you to register the defective item for repair in a few steps.

It is not mandatory to register an RMA, but it is useful if you log in to your customer account. Under the heading 'Customer service', at the bottom of the page, click on 'Return goods request' and then fill in the form as completely as possible.

In the field 'Remarks' you can provide additional information with your RMA request. When it concerns a defective item, it is important to provide a clear description of the problem.

After we have received your RMA request, you will receive a response as soon as possible and an RMA form with which you can return your RMA. In some cases, a manufacturer provides extra service if the device becomes defective within the warranty period. In that case, the defective device will be collected from you and returned to you after repair.



Items that cannot always be returned

In general we do not make returns difficult, but for a number of products we do apply additional return conditions. Moreover, different rules and legal provisions apply to internet sales between companies (B2B) than between a company and a consumer (B2C). Companies have no cooling-down period and cannot cancel a purchase without giving a reason.


Additional return conditions

For all printers, if the packaging has been opened, it cannot be returned or exchanged. Before purchasing, please check with your software vendor whether the device in question is compatible with the App or software with which you intend to use it, or first contact our help desk for more information.

For all mobile computers, PDAs and tablets, if the packaging has been opened, it cannot be returned or exchanged. Before purchasing, please check with your software vendor if the device in question is compatible with the App or software you intend to use it with, or contact our helpdesk first for more information.

Consumables such as labels, tags, printer ribbons, (ink) ribbons can only be returned if the packaging has not been opened and is not damaged. Rolls and ink ribbons that have been used, or whose seal has been opened or removed cannot be returned for understandable reasons.

Products that are sensitive to static electricity such as printed circuit boards and interfaces cannot be returned if they have been removed from the anti-static packaging. These types of products can be damaged by static electricity without being visible from the outside.

Products such as printheads, batteries, software, software licenses and service contracts cannot be returned or exchanged under any circumstances. For printheads and batteries also often different warranty periods apply.

If upon receipt of your return it appears that it does not meet our return conditions, the return will be refused. For the return of refused returns, shipping costs will be charged.



All products are sold by us with the standard manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer's warranty for each product is stated on the product page under the heading 'Specifications'. With most products the manufacturer's warranty is one to two years, but with more and more products we see a manufacturer's warranty of sometimes three to five years.

If your purchase becomes defective within the warranty period, it will usually be repaired or replaced at no cost. To invoke the manufacturer's warranty, the defective product must always be returned to the importer or manufacturer. The importer or manufacturer ultimately decides whether a product is repaired or replaced under warranty.

Please note: Improper or incorrect use may void your warranty. Of course, POSdata Nederland cannot be held liable for the expiration of the warranty in case of incorrect or incorrect use or the consequences thereof.


Zebra DS4608 2D High Density barcode scanner
196,40 237,64 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD421c 203dpi (USB)
367,30 444,43 Incl. VAT
Zebra DS4608 2D barcode scanner
196,40 237,64 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD220 TT standard (USB)
176,02 212,98 Incl. VAT
Datalogic Gryphon GPS4400 2D
192,05 232,38 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT231 TT 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH)
727,10 879,79 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT231 DT 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH)
666,35 806,28 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD621t 203dpi Standard (USB-SER-ETH)
484,94 586,78 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT610 Touch 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
2.235,80 2.705,32 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD621d 203dpi Standard (USB-SER-ETH)
432,96 523,88 Incl. VAT
Zebra TC26 PDA
472,53 571,76 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT620 Touch 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
4.363,71 5.280,09 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD230 DT Standard (USB)
239,54 289,84 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD411 DT/TT 203dpi (USB)
361,21 437,06 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT421 203dpi printer standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
2.159,00 2.612,39 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZT510 203dpi standard (USB-SER-ETH-BT)
1.766,64 2.137,63 Incl. VAT
Zebra ZD411 DT 203dpi (USB)
275,71 333,61 Incl. VAT

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