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Wrist holder for Zebra TC53, TC58 (Maat: L, 164-265mm)

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Product description

Wrist holder for Zebra TC53 and TC58 PDAs. Using this wrist holder, the TC53 or TC58 can be used as a portable device leaving both hands free. Thanks to the swivel mechanism in the wrist holder, the device can be worn in both 'Portrait' and ‘Landscape' mode.

The wrist holder features a BOA dial-to-fit design with which the strap around the wrist or arm can be tightened to make the wrist holder sturdy and comfortable to wear. It is advisable to combine the TC53 or TC58 with a portable wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner, but the device's built-in barcode scanner also remains usable when in the wrist holder.

Note: The TC53 or TC58 must be fitted with the rugged boot to be used with the wrist holder. The wrist holder is compatible with the TC53 or TC58 with both the standard capacity battery and also the extended capacity battery.


Length164 - 265mm
CategoryAccessories for Mobile Computers
Product codeSG-NGTC5-WMADP1-02
Vendor CodeSG-NGTC5-WMADP1-02


Comfort pad for wrist mount
17,21 20,82 Incl. VAT
Rugged boot for Zebra TC53, TC58
44,38 53,70 Incl. VAT
Strap for wrist mount
64,57 78,13 Incl. VAT

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