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The new Datalogic Skorpio X5 is more!

This is the slogan with which Datalogic introduces the new Skorpio X5 mobile computers. And rightly so, because the Skorpio X5 offers more screen, more power, more robustness, more reliability and more flexibility. Below is a summary of a number of notable features that the new Skorpio X5 has to offer.

The new Skorpio X5 is based on the latest High-Performance SD660 Octa-Core 2.2GHz processor and comes with more memory than most competitors. Because the battery is Hot-Swappable, the Skorpio X5 is ready for any job and can be used 24x7.

Datalogic is once again the first in the market with Wireless Charging for a robust mobile computer. Problems with charging contacts is the No. 2 reason for problems with mobile devices. With the Skorpio X5 with contactless charging, this is permanently a thing of the past.

The Datalogic Skorpio X5 is robust and suitable for the most demanding applications. The IP65 housing is completely sealed against dust and water jets and can withstand multiple drops of 1.8 meters onto concrete or more than 1000 drops of 1 meter. In addition, the display is protected with Corning Gorilla™ hardened glass.

More display

The Skorpio X5 has an extra large screen with a diagonal of 4.3 inch. The unprecedented brightness of the screen makes the text on the screen easy to read in all lighting conditions, even outdoors.

In many modern applications, a larger display is required for viewing clear fonts, crisp images and large user-friendly buttons. With the largest and brightest display in its class, this is not a problem for the new Datalogic Skorpio X5.

The display of the Skorpio X5 has a WVGA resolution of 800x480 pixels and has a built-in 6-Points Multi-Touch Capacitive Touch panel with hardened Gorilla Glass 3. This makes the touchscreen also suitable for use with gloves and stylus.

More options

Choose between two different versions, a Handheld version and a version with Pistol Grip. If you want to switch between the two, the Pistol Grip is easy to attach or remove from the device.

Choose from three keyboard layouts. The Skorpio X5 is available with a 28-Key numeric keypad, 38-Key functional keypad and a 47-Key alphanumeric keypad.

For the Skorpio X5 you can choose from 4 barcode scanners. It is available with a 1D Imager, a 2D Imager, a 2D Mid Range Imager and also with a 2D Extra Long Range Imager.

The Skorpio X5 is available with two different charging techniques. First of all, the version with traditional charging contacts on the device and in the cradle, but soon also the versions with wireless charging will follow.

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